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Dr. Nasser Ghadiri received his BSc in computer engineering from Isfahan University of Technology in 1994. After successful completion of several large-scale projects including a centralized traffic surveillence system for the city of Isfahan, and establishing the first internet service provider in Isfahan, he received his MSc in aritificial intelligence from the Shiraz University in 2000. Then he lead several web-based and web-mapping projects at the Isfahan Muncipaity ICT Organization (FAVA) as project manager and cheif software architect. He received his PhD from the University of Isfahan in 2011 and joined Isfahan University of Technology in Augest 2012. He was with the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Institute of Data Science at Carleton Universoty, Ottawa, Canada as a visiting researcher in Jun-Aug 2015. He is the director of Data and Knowledge Research Lab, Isfahan University of Technology.

He is appointed as the head of ICT department at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and project manager for the Electronic Health Records National project in Isfahan province since December 2018.


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