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As a data scientist and artificial intelligence professional, my career has been focused on finding solutions based on data integration, data mining and software architectures for real-world problems.  During the late 1990’s I was the lead architect for an integrated platform of traffic surveillance cameras for Isfahan. In the early 2000’s I lead the R&D team at Isfahan Municipality ICT Organization to design integrated software and web-mapping infrastructures for serving the citizens. Starting from 2005, I pursued my PhD at the University of Isfahan, working on location-based data services. 

I joined the Isfahan University of Technology in 2012 as Assistant Professor. I established my research on data science and data integration for demanding application areas, including the veracity of location data, health informatics, and bioinformatics. I was with the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Institute of Data Science at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada as a visiting researcher in Jun-Aug 2015. I have also served as head of IT center of Isfahan University of Technology (2015-2018) and the IT department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (2018-2020). At both departments, I re-structured the organizations and established teams for demanding process and data integration tasks. 

I have published over 40 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. I have been a PI on over 10+ industrial and national grants. I am an Associate Professor (with Tenure) with the Isfahan University of Technology, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director of Data and Knowledge Research Lab (DKR). I had the opportunity to mentor 30+ PhD and Master’s students and 40+ undergraduates. Several of them joined prestigious research or industrial institutions both national and abroad.

My Specialties:
Data Science, Data Mining, Process Mining, Machine Learning, Biomedical Informatics, Bioinformatics


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